In order to get busy people to attend Title III meetings I have always held
luncheon meetings - usually assures good attendance.

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I recall hearing at the Title III workshop last month that meals were a
no-no.  I assume that means unless it was associated with travel expenses.
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Did you include various travel / workshops in your proposal?  If not, you
need to get approval from your Program Officer.  If this is an all day
to meet your objectives, then it should be acceptable.  If this is just a
gathering around the lunch hour, then I would suggest using a different
source.  You should also check with your business office.  Our institution
an account code in place to use for restricted fund catering.

Cecelia Chamberlain

JMcMoy wrote:

> We are having a workshop off campus to introduce our twenty-five fulltime
> faculty to our Title III Skills Assessment program, a major focus of our
> grant.
> We are having the event at a local museum, which is charging us $50 for a
> large meeting room, and $325 for lunch. Can these expenese be charged to
> Title III account?
> I see in OMB Circular A-21 that entertainment is not allowed, but didn't
> anything in a cursory review that prohibits the meal and room rental.
> Thanks for your help.
> Johnny McMoy
> Director of Institutional Advancement
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