I would also be interested in a list of good external evaluators.


Diane J. Kyker, Ph.D.
Title III Project Director
Rosemont College
1400 Montgomery Avenue
Rosemont, PA  19010
610-527-0200 x2414
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Subject: Seeking an External Evaluator

Title III List:

As a new recipient of a Title III grant, we are seeking the names of some
good Title III external evaluators.  Does anyone on this list already
maintain such a list?  Or can any of you send me the name and contact
information for anyone you would recommend?  (Please send directly to me at
the email address listed in my signature file below so as not to inundate
the list with responses.  Thanks.)

Thanks in advance.

Greg Burris
Vice President for Administration & Finance
Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, MO  65804
(417) 836-5233
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