I work at Portland Community College and here is what happened with our
grant. We shifted some funds that were supposed to be used on a
position that was not funded for the first eight months of the grant.
The money was shifted to someone who had been listed in the grant as
giving "in-kind" support to the grant from her current duties. It was
determined by my program officer that as long as the person had been
listed in the grant, it was okay. If the person had NOT been listed in
the grant in any way, it would have been considered supplanting funds
and not acceptable. I hope that is helpful for you, Barbara.

Rebecca Mathern

Jones, Barbara A (Somerset) wrote:

>A question for Title III guru's.
>Is it permissible to pay the salary (or part of a salary) of a dean
with Title III funds? This involves a current Activity Director who is
a division chair who is in line to be appointed to a dean's job. He
would still be the 50% time and effort Title III Activity Director but
the other half of his job would be as dean.
>I remember somewhere in the murky past that Title III funds could not
be used to pay the salary of an administrator at the dean or above
level. I can't find that specific information, however, in any
publication. Maybe it was my imagination.
>B. Jones

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