Here is the contract signed by faculty for the Title III grants here at 
UCO. It is in pagemaker format so I just copied it.

Title III Faculty Cohort Grant Contract

        The faculty cohort member will be paid additional salary in the 
amount of $4,200 for year three of the grant divided as follows: one 
payment of $1,800 on the last working day of December subject to delivery 
of an end-of-semester report of progress on the project; one payment of 
$1,800 on the last working day of April; and one payment of $600 on the 
last working day of July, upon delivery of an end-of-year progress report, 
as outlined below.

        This Proposal is approved with the stipulation that the faculty 
member agrees to collaborative planning, development, technology support, 
and on-going training through the Title III office. Projects requiring 
technological innovation will work with the Technologies Designer/Trainer 
to further the objectives of the grant throughout the project period.

        No later than thirty (30) days following the end of the Spring, 
2003 semester, the undersigned will submit an “End of Year Progress 
Report” reviewing the project to conclusion. This report will be published 
on the Title III website and in the annual U.S. Department of Education 
        The undersigned faculty member will present the results of the 
project funded through this contract in the form of a poster during the 
next Research Day, and submit a project abstract for publication in the 
annual “Proceedings.”

        Prior approval is not required for publishing the results of an 
activity that has received Title III: Strengthening Institutions funding. 
Please acknowledge that “The activities described were supported by a 
Title III: Strengthening Institutions grant through the U. S. Department 
of Education, supported by the Jackson College of Graduate Studies & 
Research and the University of Central Oklahoma.”

        A copy of the approved budget is attached and will comprise the 
Appendix of this contract. The budget shall include no salary and/or 
fringe benefits to anyone working with the director on this project. The 
budget is subject to funding by the U.S. Department of Education. Further:
        1. No state employee can be paid for services through project 
        2. Students cannot be allocated stipends or tuition waivers per 
the terms of this contract. 
        3. Only those items specifically requested and supporting the 
project will be funded.
        4. All requests for funds must be submitted to the Title III 
Activity Director in the form of requisitions                   or IDPOs 
at least two weeks before the items are needed. Petty cash vouchers and 
credit                  card expenditures will be not honored for this 
        5. Equipment purchased through this project will be the property 
of the U.S. Dept. of Education.

        The Faculty member to whom this project is awarded will be 
responsible for assuring and documenting compliance with UCO, state, and 
federal requirements.

I, the undersigned, agree to these terms and conditions.

Title III Activity 

Title III Coordinator 

Lynn Meador <[log in to unmask]>
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09/30/2004 02:32 PM
Please respond to US Department of Education Title III List Server
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        Subject:        Justifications

Hi All,

We at Umpqua Community College in beautiful Roseburg, Oregon are
looking for some help.  We are requiring all faculty who apply for
funding from our Grant, include a justification that specifically
addresses how the course revision, course creation, etc. will further
our grant goals and objectives.  We need to incorporate a requirement to
measure success into those justifications and haven't found a smooth way
to do so for those things like equipment purchases or attendance at a
workshop.  Do any of you have application forms that would address the
issue of quantitatively measuring student success (and retention) on
your faculty application forms?  Thank-you in advance for all of your

We welcome your looking at our web page... and
if you are interested in checking out the funding request forms, you may
fill out a (test) request by following the directions and using "test"
as the name of the requestor.  If you have feedback, we welcome that as
well.  We also welcome suggestions or forms that you have created for
your Title III grant.

Many thanx,

Lynn Meador,
Title III Coordinator