In the middle of our grant, we had some rollover funds from two years,
so we rewrote the budget to account for all money to be spent by the 
end of year five. We then submitted that budget as a proposal to
our Program Officer and got her approval to proceed  under the
new scheme.  It was a good process for us -- reconsidering how
best to use the resources, and deciding which early plans needed to be
abandoned.  We stuck very closely to the original goals of the grant,
just adjusting the means, not the ends!


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Subject:        unspent funds
Does anyone have any experience with funds that are left over from a
previous year?  We have a large sum of money that we did not spend from
our first year, mainly because it took us a long time to fill the Title
III positions.  The College does not "draw down" the money until it
actually spends it, so there is about $150,000 that is just sitting out
there somewhere.  Does anyone know if I have to formally alert the DOE
that this money was not used and that we need it be rolled over or can I
just assume that will happen and use it this year to purchase things
related to the grant objectives?  Any help on this is greatly


Helen Shub

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