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Do you just need information on electronic grade books or do you need information on software which has multiple uses?  Our College uses a product called ANGEL which is produced by Syber Learning Labs.  The electronic grade book is part of that software package.  The software is now in its second year of use and the College’s faculty is now “required” to use the grade book function of the software.  But the software is so much more than just an electronic grade book.  If you have specific questions about the software, our Title III I.T. person would be happy to answer questions.


Roger Utman, Ph.D.

Dean Student Support Services/Title III Coordinator


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Can anyone offer any information and/or experience(s) on electronic grade books?  Also, has anyone had any success using an electronic grade book system as a tool for retention? Thank you for your assistance.


Stacy Edds-Ellis

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