Have any of you had any experience with paying travel expenses (hotel and transportation) for non-Title staff that was not originally budgeted?  Our situation is that through Title III, we are working with three math professors who normally teach prep math to use a modular format when they teach in the spring.  The professors have expressed a great interest in visiting a nearby school that uses the modular format in their prep math program.  This would involve paying mileage and one night in a hotel for the four of us.  I have money budgeted for travel, but not specifically for them.  Although they are carrying out a Title III project, they are not on the Title III payroll.  Has anyone else encountered this sort of situation?  Did you need to request DOE approval?  Thanks for your help.


Helen Shub

Title III Project Director/

Director, Institute for Student Success

Palm Beach Community College

4200 Congress Avenue

Lake Worth, FL 33461

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