In terms of SI models, Bristol Community College has learning
communities that included reading (sociology and reading, history and
reading), and content courses - accounting, chemistry, etc. that have
supplemental instruction.

ALL of ours are offered by a peer tutor, not a faculty member.

Attendance is best when it has scheduled course time. Soc we have soc
with and without SI, both get three credits, but only that with SI meets
4 hours per week.


Susan McCourt
Lash Center for Teaching and Learning

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Are you offering any type of learning assistance or supplemental
instruction (especially to students in developmental classes)?  If so,
how does it work?  How do you recruit the faculty to lead the sessions
and the students to come and learn?

We are having great success with our math study groups, but can't seem
to get reading or English off the ground.

Thanks in advance!

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