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We have a person who works in the business office specializing in grants
and contracts. She sends me an emai with the amount and datel each time
she makes a drawdown. I keep an Excel spreadsheet record for our


Terry L. James
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First, thank you all for your information.  It is invaluable to me
right now!

I apologize if my questions are very elementary, I'm just trying to get
this all started correctly and our Program Officer has been out of her
office since early Nov (just about when I started the job).  We are
ready to draw down our monthly funds from the Federal website.  I know
that our financial people know how to do that on their end, but what
else do I need to do?  I sent a budget spreadsheet of what was
budgeted/encumbered/spent to our Program Officer.  I included a
narrative because we budgeted and spent nearly $200,000 on server and
software upgrades and the computer company (JICS) had made some
significant changes in suggested products and costs.  Happily we came
out ahead dollarwise, but since it was this type of change (no change in
category or increase in dollars for that category) I assume that to
notify them with the spreadsheet and narrative is all that I need to do.

Once again, thank you.

Deb Erikson
Title III Coordinator
Allen County Community College
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