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Title III Colleagues, 
Our Program Officer included the following in a December 2, 2004 email response to a Title III grant inquiry: "We are not planning a Project Director's meeting for early 2005.  We are looking at a National workshop where we bring all of the programs together in November 2005."  While I am in no way an official messenger, perhaps this information will help others plan for the new year.  Hope to see you and learn from you in November.
Carol Barrick
Director, Title III Project
Supports for Student Success
Contra Costa College, H-10
510.235.7800 Ext.4238
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Subject: Title III Director's meeting

Does anyone have any information concerning a Title III Director’s meeting in Washington?  Last year’s meeting was in January/February 2004 and I was unable to attend.  Would like to attend the 2005 meeting, is possible.   Thanks.


Jody Presley


Title III Director