We are currently revising oru collection of documents to make their organization more coherent to any visitor unfamiliar with our project.  In addition to the requisite financial stuff (monthly and annual budget figures, monthly time and effort forms), we've collected materials on workshops and seminars (attendance, evaluations, agenda), required faculty receiving release time to write three separate reports on their activities, and assembled any publicity materials (write ups from newspapers and university publications about the grant).  There's a procedures manual and at least two drawers of odds and ends (e.g. sales brochures for products we were considering but rejected, materials collected at meetings, etc).
The main system of organization is a series of annual binders, divided into three parts: official communications (e.g. letters informing us that we've been recertified for another year of funding, or accepting proposals to move funds from one area to another), a section listing the grant's objectives for the year accompanied by a narrative describing activities and progress toward those goals, and a thick appendix of items documenting the activities.  Finally, we've collected e-mail communications and other electronic documents (e.g. minutes from meetings) on CD and included one for each year of the grant.
To be honest, while we accumulated a great many documents and bits of information, they weren't as well organized as they could be, which is why we're now spending time reorganizing it all.
Jon Lewis
Benedictine University

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How are others keeping a “paper trail” for documentation of program activities?  I have kept a somewhat informal folder of major events, but wonder what exactly may be requested if we receive a monitoring visit. I will appreciate your advice.


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