Hi All,

I am the Co-Director of the Title III Grant at Umpqua Community
College.  We are in our fifth and final year, and my job goes away when
the grant does.

I am a Developmental Math instructor half time and perform my grant
duties the other half. I have an MBA (finance concentration) and there
isn't a position in the Business Department. The Math Department will be
hiring an instructor who has a math degree.

I am looking for a job and thought this venue would be appropriate to
network.  If you know of a position in a Developmental Education
Department, Math Department, Business Department, or if you are looking
for a Director of a Title III/V Grant, please contact me, or pass my
information along to someone who could help.  I am willing to relocate.

Many thanx,

Lynn Meador
Co-Director Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant
Math Instructor
Umpqua Community College
PO Box 967
Roseburg, OR 97470