Laura, first, what did you say in your proposal about the role of the external evaluator? Remember that in an audit situation, you will be held to what you said in the proposal, unless you have had approval to change it.

Second, it is very useful to have someone who can give you external feedback in the overall grants management, since it gives you greater confidence that you would be ready for any review (technical site visit, programmatic review, audit) that might come from funding agency staff as well as from your own college auditors who could select your grant for audit as part of the college's annual audit cycle.

What we have tended to do in the past is to either find one person who was both an expert in our subject matter and in grant operations, OR we have used consulting dollars in the activity line, rather than the evaluation dollars, to hire content experts to come to advise us, and then used the evaluation line dollars to pay for grant management and compliance level evaluation.

Hope that helps you think about what direction you want to go.

Susan Kelley
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Our grant calls for an external evaluator, and we have hired one who is 
program specific.  He is an authority in the field in which we are working 
and has given us feedback and input for our project funded by the 
grant.  Do we need to have an evaluator for the overall operation of the 
grant itself?

Laura Powell
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