Dear Chris,
To confirm your e-mail:  Our program officer also told us that we only
complete the Year 5 APR on the electronic system.  He also explained
that they have hired a company to compile all five years of our grant
after we submit the Year 5 report.
Thank you.

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    We also were scheduled to complete a final report this year. 
According to our program officer, we will only have to complete the Year
5 APR on the electronic system.  The Dept. of Ed. will compile the
information from all of our previous APRs to serve as the "final"
report.  (I think she also mentioned that they would have the final
report available electronically next year, but lucky for us, we are only
required to do the APR this year.)
    Has anyone else received the same instructions regarding the final
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Subject: Title III Final Report

We are scheduled to complete our Final Report this year but haven't
received any information on it.  Has anyone else in our situation
received information on the Final Report?  


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