I'm having the same problems and reported it on the customer service
phone line yesterday, but haven't heard back from them yet.  I hope they
get this resolved as my federal fiscal fuse is already pretty short!


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Subject: Annual report




I have experienced all kinds of problems in entering our annual report.
Tables being reset to zero - including the budget table; and selective
outcomes.  I've not been able to download a full copy of the draft
report without assistance from technical support; this morning I had an
error that total expenditures didn't match which did not appear to be
the case - at least from what was visible to me.


I've had to contact technical support nearly a dozen times.  They have
been terrific, but as I entered the budget data for about the 5th time,
my patience is starting to be tested just a bit.


I'd appreciate hearing if I am alone in this, or if others have similar




Bruce Vieweg, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

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