Hi Lorraine,

The extension can't be granted explicitly for the purpose of expending funds. We requested a no cost (no additional funds) extension of three months in order to fund our personnel needs in completing the final Grant paperwork and dissolving the associated offices. The funds are from savings that we occurred in several areas. This does increase the amount of time that the College will not be able to apply for another Title III Grant (two years after the end of the Grant).

Hope that answers your questions.


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I'm curious. Does this give you an additional year of funding or an
additional year to spend the funding that you already have? 


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Looks like we will have to apply for an extension. Can someone who has
done this tell me what we need to do to apply?


Diane M. Vickrey
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Re: Grant extension


Good morning,
Can you tell me what all is involved in requesting an extension ?  Are there specific forms -- or is it more like a redirection request ?  Are there criteria that must be met ?  What kind of time line is involved ?

Thank you for any help !

Patricia White

Lawrence Klein wrote:

>It's relatively easy to make the request.  >
>Understand that a consequence of receiving an extension is that your
>grant is deemed to have run for an additional year, thereby requiring
>your college to wait one year longer than normal before applying for
>another Title III grant.
>Larry Klein
>City College of San Francisco
>>>> [log in to unmask] 6/10/2008 12:51 PM >>>
>Has anyone requested an extension to their Title III grant?  Does
>have any tips or suggestions as to the best way to go about requesting
>an extension? >
> >
> >
>Megan Heitmann
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>Marshalltown Community College
>3700 S. Center St.
>Marshalltown, IA  50158
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>Toll Free: 866-622-4748
> >

Patricia McGuire White, Ph.D.
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Dalton State College
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