SignWriting List
April 21, 2010

Hello Everyone!
As I learn new things about our new SW List software, I will inform you.

Today I visited our new Archives:

SignWriting List Archive 4
August 2007 - til Today

and found out that I can sort the messages, by clicking on the header. You can sort by date, author and subject. It is a nice interface. At the moment the Archives is only showing our new messages, but later they will transfer over our old Archives too...from back in August 2007 til now...

So check to see if you can use the new Archives. You have to create your own password and login. Once you login, you are logged in forever if you don't logout, at least that is what has happened to me so far...I will see if I can turn off the requirement of logging in at all, to view the Archives...I would prefer it to be open and freely read by anyone...