Hi Jonathan,

BSWML is Binary SignWriting Markup Language.  It is equivalent to BSW 
but 3 times larger. The DTD is available online.

You can take a look at the other data equivalent forms on the BSW HTML 

SPML will be a text file and it will include BSW as text using hex 
values "0-9" and "a-f" with spaces to separate signs and punctuations. 

> I was all happy to upgrade to ISWA 2010 until I remembered last time I 
> had to upgrade from IMWA to ISWA 2008.
Yes, the transition does take a bit of work.  After the ISWA 2008, I was 
hoping we wouldn't need to update the ISWA ever again.  But a few things 
were bothering me, and Val had a couple of issues.  After some 
discussion, we both agreed that now was the time for a focused refactor 
before wide spread adoption.

I already have the conversion wired into SignPuddle. SignPuddle can 
create BSW 2010 from the ISWA 2008 data.  The conversion is 100% 
accurate, unlike the IMWA conversion which was only 99.9% accurate and 
much more complicated

SignPuddle will change over to the ISWA 2010 with SignPuddle 2 sometime 
this summer before the next school year.  The data for SignPuddle 2 will 
be available very soon.

> I just understood why you used the tokens.  I wish I had thought of 
> that!!! Good work!

I created BSW before I had a way to parse it.  I even considered using 
YEX and YACC.  But after much thought and research, I decided on tokens 
with regular expressions.  I can still remember the morning when I wrote 
out the first regular expression to validate an entire sign text.  The 
heavens opened up, the angels were singing, and a beam of light flooded 
my white board. 

Regarding BSW, you can see the JavaScript library online.  It has about 
400 lines of code and it's relatively easy to understand.

The tokensplit function is the real workhorse.  If you can understand 
how it's used, you can understand the library.  There are 2 terms I 
didn't define properly: segment and unit.  A unit is either a sign or a 
punctuation.  A segment is a list of signs ending in a punctuation.

If you can reproduce the BSW library in your programming language, 
you're ready to use BSW.

Thanks for being on the bleeding edge,