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May 12, 2010

Hello Gerard!
Thank you for this message and I hope new cards can be created for Gerard saying "Congratulations on Your Wedding Day" or something like that...If some of you design cards, please post them to the List...

Meanwhile, Gerard, we do have a SignWriting Cards section on the web:

SignWriting Cards

It is not setup for people to send cards directly from our web site, but you can look at many cards on different subjects, written in different sign languages, and right click on the graphic and download the card, which you can then send to others.

But no wedding cards yet ... so hope someone on the List will post your cards saying something about congratulations ;-)

Val ;-)


On May 12, 2010, at 9:47 AM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:

> Hoi,
> I have an unusual request, actually I have two. 
> My nephew is going to marry in June and, I want to give him something he is unlikely to get from someone else. I want to give him a card with a text in SignWriting. My family knows of my interest in SignWriting and they will appreciate it when a community I am part of is part of my best wishes to the bride and groom.
> The second request is quite similar but is on behalf of my sister. A cousin of the girlfriend of my nephew is going to marry his male partner. She is sad because she cannot attend the ceremony. As the cousin is deaf, it would be really neat if she can send him and his groom a congratulatory card as well.
> As you may know, I enjoy the cards that are send with SignWriting wishes a lot. I think it would be a cool thing when there are many cards on the SignWriting website for us all to use. One of the ways we can make SignWriting more visible is sending cards in SignWriting.. What do you think ??
> Thank you in advance,
>       Gerard