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SignWriting List
May 4th, 2010

Many thanks, Maria, for this suggestion. There is already a SignWriting Facebook page that was not started by me...I did not post it, nor did anyone inform me about posting it (that I remember - ha!)...I actually do not know who started it...smile...but of course I am grateful to all those who did, and to all those who have written so much about SignWriting on that Facebook page - quite amazing!

I am not sure whether I should join or not (smile)...what is the protocol for such a thing? smile....maybe they will welcome me, I don't know...smile...

I do not want to start another SignWriting Facebook page, because that could be confusing to the public...so I will write to some of the people involved to find out how they feel about this...

Meanwhile they took an article from Wikipedia about SignWriting, and there are some inaccuracies in that article, but I do not know who to talk to about it...

So just go to Facebook and search for SignWriting and start joining and posting ...that might help a lot...


I already have a Facebook page for Valerie Sutton... for at least a year if not longer...but guess what? There are over 99 Valerie Suttons on Facebook!...I never realized how many people are named Valerie Sutton, but there are a lot of them...So if you try to find me it might be hard...grin...

So Maria - do you have a Facebook page? I will look now....smile...

Val ;-)


On May 4, 2010, at 11:53 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:

> I was thinking the other day, that maybe you could start a SignWriting
> Group on Facebook - people could post things in sw as pictures, discuss
> etc - and at least we could put a face to the people who use signwriting,
> it might help to give the feeling of community.
> maria
>> SignWriting List
>> May 3, 2010
>> Here is a photo taken in Jamaica showing how they beamed Skype onto a
>> projector screen displayed on the wall...That is me, presenting ;-) and I
>> never left my office - so amazing ....this kind of presentation can be
>> done more for SignWriting...we might even be able to have group meetings
>> using Skype, presenting to each other, all by computer - in small
>> groups...
>> I am trying to think through how we could develop better tech support for
>> all SignWriting users...and to develop more of a feeling of community
>> too...bringing SignWriting users closer together, and giving a meeting
>> place online...There is also new software called "GoToMeeting"...have any
>> of you used that before? if you have any ideas, please share with us here
>> on the SignWriting List ... how would you like to use this new technology
>> to help you and your students and friends with SignWriting?
>> On May 1, 2010, at 8:08 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>>> SignWriting List
>>> May 1, 2010
>>> Hello Everyone!
>>> Regarding this DanceWriting presentation on Skype, to a dance conference
>>> in Jamaica yesterday...
>>> It went very well. It is an amazing experience to use Skype in this
>>> way...to present a 45 minute workshop to a room full of dancers in
>>> Jamaica, while I am sitting in my office in San Diego, California! The
>>> world of technology has brought us all so much closer - it is really a
>>> miracle, I think, to have these opportunities on Skype...