SignWriting List
May 9, 2010

Hello Tim, Maria and Nedelina!

This is wonderful news...I believe all three of you will be attending the conference in Malta? even if for only for a short time...I hope you all can meet each rare to have three SignWriting users from different countries together in Malta ;-)

LREC 2010 Conference in Malta
May 17-23, 2010

And it is ironic you mention the Icelandic volcano, Tim, since Nedelina, who will be presenting at the conference, lives in Iceland....I hope you all can make it to Malta without complications...

So there are some SignWriting users attending the conference...that is cool...

Tim - your software looks so great! Good to see your picture...happy to meet you both...and I see Adam Frost's hand photos too, and I am glad you are using those...By the way, I have posted all of Adam's animated gifs now, on the web:

SignWriting Symbol Lessons ISWA 2010

But a word of explanation...Adam and I are still working on is a work in progress...we hope to update some of the symbols and photos, and also we plan to give people individual photos and symbols as well, that are not animated...all of that has not happened yet...but we are getting there slowly but surely...

I look forward to testing your software and feel free to ask for testers here on the is a privilege to test new software using SignWriting...

Thanks to everyone for your hard work -

Val ;-)


On May 9, 2010, at 12:36 PM, Timothy W. Grove wrote:

> Thanks for posting this to the list, Maria. To make a long story short, I've just booked my tickets to Malta, so as long as that volcano in Iceland behaves itself, we are on our way! I'm not making any presentations or posters, but just hoping to learn as much as I can, and to have a mini family holiday as my wife and daughter are coming too! Anyone recommend a good hotel?
> The topic of the workshop sounds fascinating and I'll be looking for inspiration. I'm working on a Sign language dictionary application for SIL in which we are using SignWriting as a way for notating signs and for searching for signs. A lot to do yet, but hopefully we will have something soon for testing. I'll just leave a little 'teaser' behind here before I finish...
> Best regards,
> Tim
> p.s. Yes, the photos are of myself and my wife. We are not part of the software, but I thought I'd use this photo to introduce ourselves and to protect the innocent... ; -)