Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, it's a 2 step process right now.

The first page converts BSW 2008 to BSW 2010:

The second page converts BSW 2010 to BSW 3:

Section 4 of the conversion document links to both pages.

Speaking of conversions, building on the idea of encoding the symbols, but not the layout, I've created 2 different markups that will be able to use my proposed Unicode implementation.  One Cartesian and the other Polar.  These markups can be created from any SignPuddle data. 

If we consider "Hello world." in ASL...
[log in to unmask]" alt="">

The Cartesian markup uses XY coordinates, where the coordinates represent the top,left of the symbol position.

SignWriting Cartesian Markup
B[log in to unmask]" alt="">-19,-29[log in to unmask]" alt="">3,-11 B[log in to unmask]" alt="">-11,12[log in to unmask]" alt="">-18,-10[log in to unmask]" alt="">6,-7[log in to unmask]" alt="">-2,-30 [log in to unmask]" alt="">

The Polar markup uses degrees and distance from the center of the sign, where the coordinates represent the center of the symbol position.  12 o'clock is 0° and increases clockwise.  So 3 o'clock is 90°, 6 o'clock is 180, and 9 o'clock is 270.  It may be very interesting to analyze the Polar markup.

SignWriting Polar Markup
B[log in to unmask]" alt="">330°16[log in to unmask]" alt="">129°14 B[log in to unmask]" alt="">169°21[log in to unmask]" alt="">252°6[log in to unmask]" alt="">80°11[log in to unmask]" alt="">19°21 [log in to unmask]" alt="">

Thought I'd share,