SignWriting List
June 22, 2010

Dear SW List Members!

Dali Balti, from Tunisia, has been invited to teach SignWriting in Tunisia, at the Institut Supérieur des Sciences Humaines ibn Charaf. I believe this is in connection with the Deaf Association in Tunisia, at the request of a teacher of Tunisian Sign Language? Whatever the details are of the course, I think this is wonderful.  Dali has already written some SignWriting documents that are quite good, and certainly I wholeheartedly support Dali in teaching SignWriting and I look forward to hearing all about the students, and to read their work!

But Dali tells me that he needs to take a SignWriting course with me, and to receive a certificate at the end of the course, because they may require him to have a certificate to be able to teach on campus. Dali wrote: 

> "But the problem is that I might be asked for a certificate or a diploma to teach signwriting. 
> Do you give tests or any kind of examination which I can pass to test my level and thus I can obtain any kind of paper which prooves that I understand this language? ....please help me, I want Tunisians to learn signwriting, when they test it, they fall in love with it!!!! blessings!!!! 

So I have devised a little test, that asks writers to write a few short sentences in SignWriting in SignPuddle Online, in your Literature Puddle for your country. The sentences must be on videotape so I can see the signs clearly. Then I will correct and discuss the writing of each sentence, and then provide a certificate stating that the writer has passed the test and can teach SignWriting Basic Workshops....

Dali has requested that the sentences for his test come from the French-Swiss web site Pisourd, as you can see here (see attached)....I chose an area on the site that has 9 short sentences. (Anny, from French-Switzerland, I hope this is ok with all of you that we use your web site for Dali's test? Thank you for your wonderful web site ;-)

So Dali, go to the web address in this attached picture and start writing the short sentences there under "Pisourd", in your Tunisian Literature Puddle. They write to the SignWriting List to tell us when each one of your sentences have been written in SignPuddle, and feel free to ask questions on how to write a will be good for all of us to discuss the writing of the signs here on the List. So you can see this is not a real "test" but more of an exercise to learn together. Once we have written and discussed how to write all 9 short sentences, then I will give you your certificate. You may begin now!

And if there are others who would enjoy writing the same sentences and getting a certificate, I will be happy to look at your work too...This course is free as long as all the questions are posted on the SignWriting List so we can all learn together - Please see attached... Val ;-)