SignWriting List
June 29, 2010

On Jun 29, 2010, at 9:56 PM, Dali balti wrote:
> I noticed in the signs list a category of signs related to the body, and I remember using only the simple ones, but there are many others which seemed to be very strange to me, I could not even guess their meaning: for instance, the black point and the while circle on the different parts of the arm.
> the big black point on the palm of the hand.
> the horizontal and vertical lines on the back of the body.
> The different parts on the hexagon shape.
> the white circle on the top of the index.
> etc.........
> is there any book explaining the use of these parts, because I have serached every where on the website, but there was no materials available!
> Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Dali -
I am busily working on our new SignBank 2010 and the new DocumentMaker 2010 programs, because our programmer for those programs is coming back to my office tomorrow to finalize them so we can upload them on the web, so you all can download the new programs - so that is why I have not gotten to our Lessons together - in a couple of days I will have more time - thanks for your patience -

Meanwhile, it is good that you are "looking around" at all the symbols to learn them - Those symbols are called "Detailed Location Symbols" that are used only for computers for advanced sorting of very large dictionaries - but we do not write with them - they are not a part of the real daily writing system, but are instead trying to tell the computer the exact location of a sign in space, or the exact part of the body where a sign is produced, so when sorting a dictionary sorted by sign-symbols, if there are two signs that are spelled exactly the same except one is in a tiny different location that is so minor that most people would not write such a detail, but the computer can use that minor information to sort the dictionary better - so the Detailed Location symbols are used for advanced SignSpellings - have you learned how to create a SignSpelling in SignPuddle?

We have much to discuss later this week - I look forward to our discussions -

The symbols in the attached diagram show the exact position in space where a sign is produced...whether it is very high or very low or just in the general area of above, or below - and these are not written in a real sign, but just used as a marker in a SignSpelling sequence to tell the computer the detailed location of a sign in space -....