The white circle on the top of the index is likely to be an "open" circle.  Check under the explanation for finger movements.  The circle shows the finger opens from a curled position, like the sign for "understand" in ASL, where the finger is first curled, and then opens up next to the face as if a light bulb is going off.


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Sent: Wed, June 30, 2010 12:56:57 AM
Subject: Strange Signs List

Hello my friends!
I noticed in the signs list a category of signs related to the body, and I remember using only the simple ones, but there are many others which seemed to be very strange to me, I could not even guess their meaning: for instance, the black point and the while circle on the different parts of the arm.
the big black point on the palm of the hand.
the horizontal and vertical lines on the back of the body.
The different parts on the hexagon shape.
the white circle on the top of the index.
is there any book explaining the use of these parts, because I have serached every where on the website, but there was no materials available!