That does sound like fun! I have not seen his dance. You are right that the circular arrow that you placed under the hips of your writing in the figure above, does not mean FullBody turns or circles. The arrow that you used above is for arm movement that goes in a circle.

So when we are writing the Full Body turning, in Sutton Movement Writing, we have several different kinds of FullBody Turning Symbols. Attached are two of them. These symbols are used when you stay in one place but turn around with little steps right, left, right, left...turning symbol is for fast turns and the other is for slow turns... I scanned this from an old DanceWriting textbook so that is why it looks a little discolored in one corner of the attached -

There are other symbols for big traveling turns - where someone walks in a circle around the room or stage...we also have symbols for spinning on one since I have not seen the dance you are writing i do not know which one you need - hope this helps!  Val ;-)