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Sent: Wed, August 4, 2010 1:07:28 AM
Subject: Behind The Curtains of the ASL FrostVillage Blog

As I am sure that you may have notice, I am always doing something to make my 
blog a little better. I want to thank everyone on their feedback about making it 
a vertical theme or not. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I don't doubt 
that it will be something that I will do. The main reason is that it will take a 
bit of work to do it, but I don't have the time right now for it since I am also 
working with Val to get a book done. 

So what have I been doing behind the curtains of my blog with the little time I 
do have? Well, you may or may not remember back in July 2009 I had made it so 
that I had "everything" that wasn't in SignWriting would be converted to 
fingerspelling. I put everything in quotes because there was still some things 
that I just couldn't get so that it would work right since I was using images. 
And there was no way that something typed in a comment box could be written in 
fingerspelling as it is being typed. Then in Nov 2009 I took a large portion of 
the converting into fingerspelling off because I had just posted about the death 
of Larry Fleischer, which ended up having a lot of hits and eventually crashing 
my hosting service because of the heavy load to handle all of those images. I 
have since been hoping for the time when I could come back to that issue.

As I am sure you have guessed by now, I have come back to it. I came across some 
information that said that I could embed fonts on my webpage if it was something 
that I knew most people wouldn't have on their computer but was important to the 
website. That brought me to the recollection of the fingerspelling fonts that 
Michael Everson had created. I downloaded the font and placed it on my website, 
placed the code to embed the font into the ASL FrostVillage Blog, and now all 
text is in fingerspelling... even when typing in a text box! The only catch is 
that IE and mobile phone (including iPhone and iPads) require a font format 
other than TrueType (Embedded Open Type and Scalable Vector Graphics 
receptively), so fingerspelling does not show up on them at this time since I 
only have TrueType. 

So if you would like to see this in action, go 
to with Firefox. I am sure you could use 
other browsers other than IE, but I have been using Firefox the most for my 
programming so I know that my blog looks best on it. I should warn you that if 
you aren't used to reading a lot of fingerspelling, don't trying reading 
people's comments that have not been put in SignWriting. ;-) 

Let me know what you think. And I would like to thank Michael Everson for the 
work that he had done with the font to make it possible. This just means that we 
are that much closer to having all of SignWriting being written as text rather 
than using images. I find this very exciting. SMILE!