Hi Valerie, hi Suzanne - 
Yes I like this kind of movement writing a lot. One sequence made me wonder
...Suzanne - do you want the reader move the hands like this? - diagonally
forward and back ... 

...  Or do you want to move the right fist forward - staying in front and
moving the left hand afterwards at the same distance (both hands in front of
the body) ... 

Best wishes 

Stefan ;-)

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Betreff: Cooling Down Dance by Suzanne Pach

SignWriting List
September 5, 2010

Suzanne Pach, the teacher of the SignWriting Workshop in the UK, which was
very successful, created this charming document for her students.

It is not written in any sign language...It just writes body movement.

Can you read it? smile

Thank you, Suzanne!

See attached:
Cooling Down Dance by Suzanne Pach