Hi Suzanne, Valerie , ..

Well yes I wrote quite a number ob this kind of just "movement or dance" documents - it is fun and helpful at the same time. Just because it is almost meaningless you are motivated and supposed to read exactly what is written.

So these kind of documents are very helpful to proof competence in SW reading even if we do not talk about SL.

So in your case I would recommend to add the arrow that leads the hand back or to start the next sign with the right arm far out on the place with a tension symbol underneath in order to support the reader to read the document without guessing and hesitation.

The good point about these "movement - documents" is that there is no wrong or right signing involved. In fact it should be performed from Alaska to Brazil and from Africa to the Netherlands ( " hi Tini" L.I.F.E.) the same way. So the author can play around to make beginners more attentive...

Same is true with kind of pantomime like story  telling sequences in SL videos. If you are interested go to the German SignPuddle (Dictionary) and look for the term Gedankenpause smile

All the best

Stefan ;-)


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks, I was actually inspired by page 114 in your

Handbuch zur GebardenSchrift! (as you might have

guessed... :)

I actually meant the right hand to move forwards to the

right and back and then the left hand forwards to the left

and back (and same for the next bit, but then up). Do you

think it would be clearer to show the arrows going back as

well? I wasn't sure, since the starting position of the

next picture already shows that the hand moved back



> Hi Valerie, hi Suzanne -

> Yes I like this kind of movement writing a lot. One

> sequence made me wonder

> ...Suzanne - do you want the reader move the hands like

> this? - diagonally

> forward and back ...


> ...  Or do you want to move the right fist forward -

> staying in front and

> moving the left hand afterwards at the same distance (both

> hands in front of

> the body) ...


> Best wishes


> Stefan ;-)





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> Betreff: Cooling Down Dance by Suzanne Pach


> SignWriting List

> September 5, 2010


> Suzanne Pach, the teacher of the SignWriting Workshop in

> the UK, which was

> very successful, created this charming document for her

> students.


> It is not written in any sign language...It just writes

> body movement.


> Can you read it? smile


> Thank you, Suzanne!


> See attached:

> Cooling Down Dance by Suzanne Pach