Hi Stefan and Val,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I had made a bit of a mess
of that last column :) I have changed it, so now the
colours and the hands should be right! (I hope..) See

During the workshop some of the students found the
expressive viewpoint idea a bit confusing, so maybe the
colours can help as a reminder to what is right and what
is left...


> This is fun,
> so my brain is so focused on the arrowhead information
> that I accept the
> colour information as less important! - really funny-
> ... of course I can see your point!
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> September 6, 2010
> Smile - forget the arrows for one moment and only look at
> the right hand,
> which is white palm so that it means it is facing us and
> the red color tells
> us it is the right hand...but the thumb is on the wrong
> side - how can you
> have the thumb of the right hand on the left side when the
> palm is facing
> us?