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September 7, 2010

On Sep 7, 2010, at 1:00 PM, Suzanne pach wrote:
> I used the legomen to practise movement arrows. Every
> student got their own Lego man. I showed a picture of a
> Lego man with a certain movement arrow and they had to
> move their own Lego man in the right direction.. Or I
> moved a Lego man and then asked the students to add the
> right arrow to the picture. Then they practised this in
> pairs..The idea was to practise movement arrows without being
> distracted by handshapes etcetera.Only the picture I had chosen turned out to be a bit
> confusing, since the Lego man was facing a bit to the
> left...See attachment...Suzanne


Hello Suzanne -
This is so clever of you - I am really impressed with the new ideas for teaching that you developed, and for your first workshop - this is really fun...

So here are two photos of your students with real Lego Men in their hands - so they were playing with Lego Men toys on their desk and moving them, while also writing on the paper?

I bet you can find a picture of a Lego Man, or another little toy, facing straight front, instead of facing the corner - that can be solved fairly easily - see photos attached -