SignWriting List
September 9, 2010

Some new documents and a new 4-page report are now posted on the web:

SignWriting Workshops UK Homepage

1. Schedule a SignWriting Workshop in the UK!

2. Report: SignWriting Workshop in Southport UK August 2010

3. SignWriting Workshop Handouts by Suzanne Pach

4. SignWriting Bingo by Suzanne Pach

5. Cooling Down Dance by Suzanne Pach

6. Lego Men Game in SignWriting by Suzanne Pach

7. Dave's Juggling Game by Suzanne Pach

8. BSL Greetings and Introductions

9. BSL Family Signs

Want to schedule a SignWriting Workshop in your area of the UK? Contact us: 

Maureen Doyle: 
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Practice Makes Perfect, Southport, UK 
Ring 01704 546626 or text/mobile 07960 984306 


Valerie Sutton: [log in to unmask]