SignWriting List
September 13, 2010

Hello Stefan and everyone!
Thank you so much for sending us some SignMail written in DGS (German Sign Language). I am so happy to read it! And in this case, it is a simple email, and I think I almost figured out what it said, even though I do not know

Now, regarding the fact that some email software does not show the SignMail messages visually inside your email....that is because every software program that reads email is different - it depends on three things:

1. possibly the computer operating system that you are using
2. the email software you are using
3. the way you setup your email inside the software

For example, I choose to use Mac OS X operating system. In the Mac operating system, they have an email program called Apple Mail. Apple Mail shows all the graphics and SignMail messages beautifully, directly inside the email, without having to click on any attachment button. I love that. That is one of the reasons why I use the Mac OS X operating system...

Inside the Apple Mail program, you can turn the visual off, if you wanted that...Although it defaults to the visual files and PDF files being shown fully inside the email, you can go into preferences and change that setting if you don't want the visual - I would never do that, because I love seeing the graphics show up immediately...

So it is possible that your students using or could possibly have been able to go into the settings area of their email program, and change it to accepting HTML files and MIME and other possible settings needed to view the graphics...

I am glad they found it works for them that is all that probably defaults to viewing graphics fully...that makes life easy and you can suggest that to your other students maybe...

To show you what I see in the Apple Mail program, here is a screen capture of how the SignMail looks on my computer...: