The new symbols are because we have so many languages now in SignWriting that you have to edit your teaching to use only those handshapes your sign language actually uses.  The others are there, but linguistically they don't add to your mix.  

Go to your own Polish sign puddle and look at symbol frequency and you will discover that the symbols actually used in your language are not all 290+ handshapes, probably less than 70 (if you count your sign languages fingerspelling and numerals and then the specific classifiers you may use.).


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Hi Stefan,
good to know about your visit to the Polish Deaf school of Lubliniec (Lublinitz). I know that school by its name only. I hope your project will succeed and the Polish students and teachers get interested in GebaerdenSchrift :-)
Thank you for your readiness to help me with spelling problems. Some time ago I was quite good in the SW spelling but now I see so many new symbols in SignPuddle...! :-)
BTW, your textbook I bought in Brussels back then will be very helpful for me now.

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> Hi Lucy,
> first of all - welcome back to the list -
> What an interesting thing - you know what ?? - February or March next year
> my deaf students will probably go for a visit to a school in Poland
> Lublińcu, Lubliniec Polen (Hörgeschädigtenschule)
> This is connected to a Comenius project.
> So before we get in contact with fotos, letters and hopefully some kind of
> video-chat - we will see.
> You can bet that we introduced ourselves with presenting a document written
> in GebaerdenSchrift - Perhaps the teacher and students will show interest in
> this "weird collection of circles, arrows and strokes" ... smile
> So we will be interested to study some Polish  SL-vocabularies ...Good to
> know that you take care of the Polish SignPuddle Dictionary. So if there are
> spelling questions I will ask you ...
> We will keep in touch
> Stefan
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> Attached is my suggestion for the sign for Wikipedia. I am not sure if I
> have written it correctly :-)
> SignWriting is not and will not be a part of the Polish Deaf school
> curricula in the nearest future. It is being currently introduced to
> students of junior and senior high schools for the deaf (aged 13-20, and to
> their teachers) in the Malopolska [Little Poland] voivodeship, that is in
> the cities of Krakow and Tarnow. The final goal of this project is to work
> out and publish a syllabus/a programme for teaching SW. I will write a small
> report for you after completing the first part of the project, that is the
> introduction. After that we will choose schools or groups of students and
> teachers, for whom I will conduct an in-depth SW course. The project is
> funded by the EU and implemented by a company based in Nowy Sacz, in
> cooperation with the Polish Association of the Deaf. The company (named
> CZAS) specializes in implementing similar EU-funded projects and has hired
> me to carry out the SW presentations and workshops.
> Lucy :-)