Hi Valerie, 

thank you for this discussion. 

Well - does it make sense to write a sign in a hard to read view point? 

I mean - this sign is perfectly written and easy to read the expressive way.

I can read the receptive point of view - but since we agree to use the
expressive perspective - it will only cause confusion.. ;-( 

The side view is the perfect option if we insist to describe diagonal
movements and hand orientations in a perfect and easy to read way. 

I created a typical graphic for that - (Seitenansicht - index - hand
diagonal upward .) 

I do not understand your writing of the arrows in your spelling Top down
view - I read these arrows as if the hands move inward close to the body and
outward - but the movement in expressive point of view is up and down. I
would use the double stemmed arrows.

Your side grapic is hard to read because of this mixture of top view of the
hands and side view of the head - --- hm 

Ok - all in all - I would prefer to use that point of view that is to be
read without any difficulty.  So - who ever asked to show all different
point of views - say hallo - 

Stefan ;-)

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Betreff: QUESTION: writing one sign in four viewpoints

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December 13, 2010

Dear SW Listers -

I receive technical questions in private email. Here is one that might be of


> Have I written the ASL sign "oppose" correctly in all these view points?
(see image below) I know that it is clearest in normal writing. But I was
asked to give an example of the same sign written in different views.  ....
What do you think?