You need to check your email to make sure it wasn't hijacked.  Someone just posted a flaming attack using your email address.


On 1/1/2011 1:51 PM, Terence Paget wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I wonder how many on the SW list want out.

I have a definite interest in the concept of SW as a means of better annotating signs as I see them.  But far too much of what appears on this mailing list is self-congratulatory or of so little, if any, relevance to my level of interest that, and significantly, in the absence of an "unsubscribe" option, I am hovering my cursor over the "spam"/"notify spam" list.  That would be a shame for such a list as this.  But, in the absence (and repeating myself) of an "unsubscribe" link, I do not feel there is is much option.

I do know that, in response to others who have expressed a concern at being unable to know how to unsubscribe, they have posted and asked how.  But why should they, and I, have to?  Why can't the process be simplified and, so far as other respected and valued posting lists are concerned, why can't there be a simple "unsubscribe linl?

With total respect for others who do, I really have absolutely no interest in Spanish or French, or various other language formats for SW.  I certainly have no interest in the coding for any of them.  It's the New Year - time for a clean sweep.

Please do something about this.

Terry Paget

On 30 December 2010 23:14, SignWriting <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
SignWriting List
December 30, 2010

Dear SW List members -

For a holiday week, I sure have been working long hours, and so have several of you as well - I know this because of the amazing email I am receiving from all over the world -

Steve has been burning the midnight oil, working long hours too, on the editing of his remarkable document, Encoding the Graphemes of the SWScript, which will be posted on Saturday, January 1st, 2011. The improvements Steve has added, based on your feedback, my feedback and other items, have really enhanced the document...thanks to everyone for your input.

Nancy Romero completed the complete 21 Chapters of the Gospel According to John in ASL in SignPuddle over a year ago, but it has taken a year to get the full 21 chapters into a large PDF and printed book...the page layout and book design was a huge job because of the size of the book - it is 480 pages long. Finally we have the finished 480-page PDF document, and we are ready to print the books. I printed five copies on my home printing machines this week and the hardest part was the binding - I bound the five books myself with coil bind, but the books are so thick it was hard for me to do the coil bind myself, and so I am now going to invest in getting around 10 copies printed January I will show you photos of the thick books - the thickest ever in SignWriting history that i know of, and it is all SignWriting - no illustrations - just SignText...with an English translation on the bottom of each page in tiny print...based on the New Living Translation (NLT) Engl
 ish bible.

New projects on SignWriting in Poland, Portugal, Germany, the United States, the UK and well...the list is quite long actually...I am trying to put the reports into one large "SignWriting Year End Report 2010" that is coming in January...