SignWriting List
January 12, 2011

Dear SW List members:

Today is Steve Slevinski's birthday. Because of Steve's uniquely creative software development, today we all write SignWriting directly on the web, and we are able to share signs and documents with each other, without having to download or install any software. The web-based SignWriting environment that Steve has created and continues to create with SignPuddle software, and other developments such as the SignWriting Image Server, Binary SignWriting, Cartesian SignWriting, the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin (and new developments are coming), has changed SignWriting from being a writing system that was only written by hand or on private personal computers, to a writing system that is widespread throughout the world because it is available on the web for anyone to use...

Steve's dedication and flexibility to work with the internet and the web, and to work with all of us here on the SignWriting List, and now working towards helping SignWriting move towards Unicode, is truly pioneering work. It has changed my life in so many remarkable ways. I truly enjoy working with Steve on all the new SignWriting developments...Steve encouraged me to improve the International MovementWriting Alphabet 2004, to become the International SignWriting Alphabet 2008 and 2010, and without Steve that would not have happened... And another example of how Steve has changed our lives...without the web-based software that Steve has provided, we all on the List probably wouldn't know each other very well, because we would be working on our own private computers, and we would rarely share with each other...

It is hard for me to even imagine not having SignPuddle in our today I say a public THANK YOU to you, Steve, for all you do for us everyday....I hope you have a splendid birthday, and that you get a chance to contemplate all you are accomplishing everyday for us - We appreciate it!