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January 3, 2011

On Jan 3, 2011, at 5:19 AM, Bill Reese wrote:
> And even web 1.0 has problems maintaining archives - especially when they get younger people managing them who think they should run like web 2.0 and, oops, years of archives are lost.  Ultimately, the only way to securely keep archives is a set of private archival servers that's well maintained through the years and ported over to new media from time to time.  What is that ... Web 0.0 or Web 3.0?  ;-)
> Bill

Hello Bill and everyone -
I have started a new thread here - about the preservation of our SignWriting List Archives. In 2010, Valencia Community College moved all of their Lists to a new server at the college, and in the process, they never posted the Archives for any of their lists, from the past, and only started new archives from the moment of the move to the new server, which means, that if Bill had not created a "mirror archive" on, we would have lost years of Archives...and that is years of historical records, which Erika and others are using for their research...

We have been trying to get copies of those old Archives from Valencia Community College, as a backup, but we have had trouble getting their attention to our request - I will be telephoning them this week about this...

But I had a thought related to this, Bill - maybe we should be creating a "mirror archive" directly on our web site? I do not know how to program you? I can also write to our internet service provider about this would take away all the worry because we control our own websites and there would be no worry then about losing the Archives...

Val ;-)