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January 11, 2011

Hello Stefan -
You have no fears. The problem you mention long ago (in January 2006) was MY fault (Valerie Sutton's fault) and not Steve's fault - that problem was back before the ISWA 2008, which we are using now, was even developed - it was back when we were using the IMWA 2004...and I should not have changed that symbol without realizing how much you use the Mouth symbols...I am sorry for that and I am sorry you are still trying to fix the problem - I would have been happy to help you fix all those and we can do it faster  for you, I believe, than you can, if you are still fixing them since 2006? That is five years ago...we could have written a little program to do an auto-fix for you...

Meanwhile, since that time, the ISWA 2008 was installed in 2008. That is the symbolset we are using in 1.5. And the conversion program that Steve wrote was flawless for the ISWA 2008...which has zero connection (no connection) to the mistake I had made two years don't confuse the two incidents...

And when SignPuddle 1.6 is posted, you do not have to use it, since we will keep 1.5 online for around 6 months, but I am 100 per cent confident in Steve's ability to do a flawless conversion from the ISWA 2008 to the ISWA 2010 -you can test it to see when it is posted - if it doesn't work, we can program it to fix it and you will not have to do any hand work, just as you didn't have to do for the Mouth symbols either...

So if you want to keep using the 1.5 you are welcome to, but you are also welcome to use the 1.6 if you want to - I bet you will see that the conversion is perfect -

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure we could correct the mistake from 2006 for you easily if you would let us -

Please do not worry - there is nothing to worry about -

I do not know when SignPuddle 1.6 will be posted - it may be a month or so, since we are also working on Unicode issues, and it is slowing us down a little -

Your work is amazing, Stefan, in your dictionaries - I can't believe you have 14,460 entries - the largest dictionary in SignWriting's history!!

Val ;-)


On Jan 11, 2011, at 3:00 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie, 
> thank you so much for this answer! 
> Just allow an additional question. Di you have any idea whatsoever when the
> new SignPuddle 1.6 will be online? 
> Is their anything to fear about the signs that have been edited with the
> SignPuddle 1.5 software so far. The reason for my question  - well you know
> that a while ago there has been a major change with additional symbols in
> the symbol set. At that time a special "mouth symbol" got a different number
> because a different symbol has been added. So lots of signs which use this
> "N" or "D" or "L"   mouth  got mixed up and now I try to systematically fix
> this bug. 
> I do not want to push it by  any  reason. I am just curious because you
> mention tah a new SignPuddle version using all the symbols (graphemes) of
> the new International SignWriting Alphabet 2010 is going to be installed ...
> Stefan ;-) 
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> SignWriting List
> January 6, 2011
> Hello Stefan!
> Thank you for this message to Steve (?) - I am not sure if he saw this,
> since Steve is programming a new version of SignPuddle called SignPuddle
> 1.6, which is different than SignPuddle 1.5...
> SignPuddle 1.6 is not finished yet, so we cannot use it yet, but Steve
> showed me a little bit of it today and it is going to be wonderful, when it
> is ready. It uses the new International SignWriting Alphabet 2010, and it
> will fix the link to SignMail, that we need so badly...SignText will be
> easier to view and it coordinates with future developments for using better
> looking symbols in SVG and so forth...
> Steve has also posted his internet draft encoding the ISWA 2010, and we are
> working towards Unicode for SignWriting this year -
> So the new SignMail is not here yet, but it will be coming  -
> I will also write soon with new developments - Very exciting and positive
> time for all of us -
> Val ;-)
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> On Jan 6, 2011, at 12:32 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote: