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January 22, 2011

Hello Stefan and everyone -

I think for the first time I experienced this issue recently, when I  
tried to respond to your SignMail, Stefan, and the server said there  
was not enough memory to load the message - or something like that -  
Can you take a screen capture of what the message says when you try to  
do that? That will help Steve and the technicians who run our server,  
to figure out what to that is the first give Steve  
the exact message...

But I can tell you, there are different ways to work in SignPuddle -  
the software is flexible and there are choices. I am guessing...but I  
believe the problem you are experiencing does not happen to me or to  
others in the ASL Bible Puddle for a reason...we are never  
transferring long messages BETWEEN puddles...we are writing long  
articles, with lots of signs per page, because we are staying within  
the same puddle...

In my case, and some others work like I do too, I write each sign  
sentence directly in SignText without using the Translate Feature at there is nothing to transfer between puddles then...

And there is another method to avoid transfers....the ASL Bible puddle  
has BOTH their dictionary entries and their documents in the same  
puddle - so they can use the Translate Feature but they don't have to  
transfer it to another puddle...they have long documents without the  
problems of transferring -

I think the problem needs to be fixed no matter what, but at least  
this shows you how some are avoiding the problem - I prefer the  
literature and dictionary puddles to be in separate files, so that was  
why I gave you and everyone a separate puddle for dictionaries and a  
separate puddle for literature, but after seeing the success of the  
ASL Bible Puddle I realize that having both dictionary and literature  
in one file has an advantage too...

ASL Bible Puddle

Place an asterisk * in the Search Field in Search by Words in the ASL  
Bible Puddle and press Search, and take a look at some of the long  
documents in Matthew or John or Romans, for example...

So do an experiment next time - do the Translate in the dictionary,  
but do not transfer it to Literature, but place it in the same  
dictionary where the Translation was done...does the same problem  

Val ;-)


On Jan 22, 2011, at 1:18 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Steve,  Valerie and SW - friends
> I am busy to create new SignPuddle entries.  I understand that right  
> now we are not able to add too many signs within one SignPuddle  
> Literature entry. As soon as I try to add a number of more than  
> about 17 or 18 signs there is a message that tells me that this is  
> not possible. Well on the other hand it is wonderful that we can  
> send really long messages with many signs via signmail.  I do not  
> understand the circumstances and  the reason behind this. My  
> question:   Is there a chance that you can fix that and that we will  
> be able in the future to copy longer entries from the SignPuddle  
> Dictionary translation option into the SignPuddle Literature Puddle?
> Hope you are doing well
> Stefan ;-)