No problem - and I agree; we are very blessed to live in this day and age where we can share information and ideas like this worldwide!  That's actually one reason I don't usually mention issues if I can find a workaround; there's so much work going on already that I don't want to pile on too many complaints! :-)
Thank you all again for all your work,
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Subject: Web Browsers and SignWriting software issues

SignWriting List
January 28, 2011

Hello Kelly Jo!
Thank you for your message below. Very interesting to see the large variation in experiences people have with computers - I am glad you are able to find a way to print SignMail. I have no problem with that issue...I can print long SignMails using Apple Mail.

Plus I can send and receive SignMails that are longer than other people can - I have no clue as to why there are differences with this issue, except to choose a positive perspective on all of this...and in time we will figure it out.

We are all blessed for a variety of reasons...

1. We have the internet - the world without the internet would cut us off from each other, so we are very blessed to have this form of communication

2. We all have some kind of computer or device, or we would not be communicating, and I say thank you to all of the inventive giants who produced those machines for all of us to enjoy...

3. And I say thank you to Steve Slevinski, Jonathan Duncan, Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa, Richard Gleaves and all the SW software programmers for giving us software to use, and thank you to the programmers of Firefox and every web browser, for giving us choices - the fact that we can choose to use different software for SignWriting and choose different web browsers is amazing I think...

4. and 4th...has anyone tried using Google Chrome web browser with SignPuddle? Just curious...

Download Google Chrome

How does SignPuddle work for you in Chrome?

The other day my good Mac lost its ability to project sound on Skype - I was on the phone with tech support at Apple for an hour, and we could not get sound to I assumed it was the internal microphone that needed to be replaced, so I packed up this fairly heavy desktop computer and took it to the Apple Store to be fixed, and when I arrived at the Apple store, it worked flawlessly! It was a mystery. So I come home with the computer, and the same problem happened again here in my office and I was unable to Skype or record sound on a video...there was a feeling of frustration (grin), but I now have a headset and an external microphone and both rather than arguing with fixing it, I just adapted - I am continually amazed at how many opportunities we have in today's technology...

So computers are just robots, and remember, we are the boss of the robots (I think - ha! ;-))

Val ;-)


On Jan 28, 2011, at 9:16 PM, KJ wrote:

> I don't think the Skype/Firefox thing is a big deal, it's just an issue check that comes up whenever Firefox updates.  I have no idea what the add-on is, but I can look for the name with the next update.

> I haven't used Skype for a long time, so I don't know if that add-on is causing any problems or not.  The last time I used it, I don't think I was getting that error message... but when I was using Skype with video the picture kept freezing on me - I thought at the time it was because my hard drive was failing, but now I suspect it might have more to do with my wireless router not being powerful enough.  Anyway, the message comes up whenever Firefox updates, even if I'm not running Skype at the time.

> As for SignPuddle, I'm not too worried about it right now... I only have one project on the go, and I'm waiting for my illustrator to get some pictures to me before I can go any farther with it.  Besides, I'm using SignBank for that project and I had no trouble bringing my columns into it.

> The biggest problem I've been having lately is when I've been trying to print out a copy of some of the SignMails that have been coming around lately.  If I print them straight from Outlook Express, I can only get it to print one column per page.  However, if I right-click on each column, copy it and paste it into another program (I usually use OpenOffice Writer), that tends to work.  It can get a little tedious, but since there's currently a limit to the number of signs that can be mailed, it's not too bad.

> I remember, some time ago, trying to get some signs with a transparent background and I don't remember ever getting that to work.  (One of the more recent threads, where someone - I forget who - was getting a black background instead of transparent, reminded me of it because I've had the same issue.)

> KJ