Hello Paul, 

yes there is! Just enter the classroom - introduce yourself and ask your
first question!

From my perspective there are so many different ways to learn to read and
write SignWriting. The best way - the Kingsway - is only known to the
learner himself. 
Some people would like to learn something about the background of
SignWriting, some are interested to learn more about the inventor "Valerie
Sutton", some would like to study books and documents, some would love to
learn the systematic of the many thousand graphemes, ... and some others
just would love to start to read and write : ABC, numbers, well known signs
... It depends very much on your background and interest.  There are tons of
online-materials available for free!
If you keep in mind to use what you already know there is a fast way to dive
into this wonderful notation system. 

Just enjoy ...

Stefan ;-)

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In would also like to know if there is a beginner's class.  Paul William
Ellis, [log in to unmask]

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Hello, my name is Carole Griffin, and I just recently learned about
SignWriting. That is so  cool! I have long thought that deaf people needed
to have their own written language, just like blind people have Braille

can anyone tell me how I can start learning SignWriting? I can be reached on
this listserv or by email at [log in to unmask]

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Carole Griffin