Hi Jonathan,

On 4/29/11 2:49 PM, Jonathan wrote:
> Steve,
>     Do you think we could agree both implement the SPML with the 
> Fill-1 and Rotate-1 characters 
Agreed. Mark the date, April 29th, 2011, the programmers agreement.  We 
can consider the final proposal after it has been through the various 
committees.  Until then, we have a common standard.

> Moving the fill and rotation characters up 14 codepoints shouldn't be 
> a problem.
Code wise, it should only affect a few functions.

The SignPuddle Online SPML files will be updated by Monday afternoon.  
I'm updating the functions right now.  I'll run the conversion over the 
weekend.  I'll send an email when they are ready.

I recently updated the SPML 1.6 DTD.  I added 2 attribute and 1 element.

Both the "spml" element and the "entry" element have a new attribute 
called "uuid".  This is your request for the Universally Unique 
Identifier. You still want this right?

As Valerie requested, I added an optional "video" element to each 
entry.  This is needed for video linking so that we do not overload the 
text elements.  Here is an example for a Zombie song in ASL.  Very funny.

You can see the video element in the xml fragment:

Can we agree on this interchange format as well?