I am writing a better manual that will be "SignSpelling Guidelines 2011" but it is not ready yet.....

Hope this has helped - Thank you to you both -

Val ;-)


On Apr 8, 2011, at 12:04 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> There are several schema out there.
> Mine tends to follow the following pretty closely.  This is the setup for the SW Sign Puddle as I tend to order signs. One could order by each feature, but this is usually the order that I take a sign in.  I did a schema published in Brazil which is on the SW site.
> Handshape (10 groups, ordered by the current dictionary by fingers used)
> Orientation (6 basic orientations)
> Rotation (8 rotations within the above rotations)
> Contact (with other hand, with head, with body) (four basic types of contact)
> Finger Movement (this takes care of squeezes, trills, and holds)
> Arm Movement (this is directions of the whole arm) (up and down, then in and out)
> Speed (slow, fast, gradual, simultaneous)
> Facial Expression (a bunch, but they have not been catalogued systematically)
> Charles Butler, once working for SignNet Project, Catholic University of Pelotas, Brazil


Val ;-)

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