On 7/11/11 4:04 PM, Alan Post wrote:
> I don't see a way, in signpuddle 1.6, to extract the sign from
> SignPuddle.  I use SignPuddle almost exclusively to look up
> signs and then copy them (by bsw code) into other documents.
> I don't see this feature or anything equivalent to it in SignPuddle
> 1.6.  Will it be there?

Hi Alan,

There are 2 issues here.  The first is accessing the sign string.

If you right click on a sign and select "copy image location", you will 
get a link that includes the ASCII string of Formal SignWriting.  Here's 
an example.

One of the nice features of the new data format of Formal SignWriting is 
that a double click selects the entire word.  Try is by clicking 
anywhere after the "text=" section.  You'll get the word:

If you don't care about sorting, you can clip off the temporal prefix 
and be left with:

Another option is to use the command button for "Copy Sign" or "Copy 
SignText".  On the "Save to SignPuddle" page, scroll down to the "Other 
sign options" section and use the Data Format button.

Formal SignWriting uses the ASCII symbol keys.  Data options:
markup - lite
symbol - key
data - layout

Cartesian SignWriting uses the preliminary Unicode strings. Data options:
markup - lite
symbol - preliminary Unicode
data - layout

If you prefer the direct access to the data strings via the links, I can 
add the data links for FSW and CSW.

The other issue is legacy support for the BSW string, which has been 
deprecated.  I have not included this option.  I'd rather not include 
this option.  However, I understand it would make your life easier.  The 
conversion is easy enough...  I will include it if you ask...