Hi List,

SignPuddle Online will be down for several hours Wednesday morning 
between 8am and 2pm for the central time zone of North America.

I am planning the final SignPuddle 1.6 conversion.  After this 
conversion is complete, all previous SignPuddle 1.5 links will point to 
SignPuddle 1.6 and work as expected.  No further conversions from 
SignPuddle 1.5 will be completed.

I will keep SignPuddle 1.5 available online as a view only backup.  Ask 
privately for a link if you find you need access.

Existing PersonalPuddles will not work with SignPuddle 1.6.  The 
PersonalPuddle 1.6 will be available shortly.  Free upgrades for 
existing PersonalPuddle users.