Hi Stephen,

I heard there was a group that needed sign SVG, so I replaced the link 
for sign SVGs in SignPuddle 1.6.  Eventually, the customize sign page 
will include SVG.  Currently, ColumnMaker supports SVG for sign texts 
rather than individual signs.

The graphics are being produced by the SignWriting Image Server (SWIS).  
If you modify the HTTP request, you can modify the graphics created.

If we consider this image link:

The substring "style=svg" is the important part.  You can add a 1, 2, 3, 
4, or 5 to the end of svg to produce "style=svg1", "style=svg2", 
"style=svg3", "style=svg4", or "style=svg5".

The default SVG, "style=svg" or "style=svg1", is an active work in 
progress of manual refinements.  I have the latest updates from Adam 
Frost, but I haven't packaged them for SWIS yet.  The other 4 SVG 
options are based on polygon tracing.  The 5th SVG style is very 

There are 4 styles of PNG: png1, png2, png3, png4.  Simply modify the 
image link.

There is even a ASCII style: "style=txt".

Check out the ISWA Font Library for more details:

For any graphic produced by the SWIS, you can add custom attributes to 
the graphic URL.

Beyond the style attribute, you can also use...
* size=1 - Any decimal value, such as .5 is small and 2 is larger
* pad=0 - Any positive number for a padded border around the sign
* bound=c, v or h - Type of bounding box: Centered, Vertical, or Horizontal
* line = 000000 - Color string of line
* fill = ffffff - Color string of opaque fill pattern for some symbols
* back = ffffff - Color string of background
* colorize = 1 - Flag to colorize symbols based on symbol feature

Here a slightly longer URL with additional options:

Notice the "bound=h" which sets a horizontal bounding box and puts the 
center of the head at the center of the image.

Notice "size=2" for a larger size.

Notice "colorize=1" that changes the line color based on symbol feature.

Notice "back=ddffdd" which sets a light green for the background color.

Hope that helps,