Hi Steve,

    I clicked on Quebec flag.  The background is all black.  I cannot see SW 
symbols at all.



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Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 4:45 PM
Subject: Final testing of SignPuddle 1.6

> Hi list,
> This week, we will be performing the final quality assurance testing 
> before moving SignPuddle 1.6 into production.  I invite anyone interested 
> to check it out give it a try.  Please report any issues or questions to 
> the SW List.
> If everything goes well, SignPuddle will be upgraded early next week. 
> There will be a few hours down time, but everything should be back up and 
> running the same day.  All previous links will continue to work as 
> expected.
> The major changes for SignPuddle 1.6 are structural  and foundational 
> rather than major improvements to the user interface.  These changes will 
> provide a pathway to the future and streamline the creation of more 
> powerful viewer and editors.
> Symbol Set
> ---------
> The SignWriting symbol set for SignPuddle has been updated to the ISWA 
> 2010.  The most notable change is the expansion of the movement symbols. 
> You will notice the change in the symbol palette.  All of the signs and 
> sign texts have been converted from the ISWA 2008 to the ISWA 2010.  The 
> conversion has been thoroughly tested and should be 100% accurate.  The 
> ISWA 2010 is a focused refactor of the ISWA 2008.  You can read about the 
> specific changes:
> Preliminary Unicode
> -----------------
> Symbol identification has been modified from the Symbol ID to the 
> Preliminary Unicode string.  This string is in agreement with what has 
> been proposed before the governing bodies of Unicode Consortium.  This 
> string is equivalent to a purely ASCII string called the symbol key.  We 
> are planning a follow-up Unicode presentation in the beginning of 2012 and 
> hope to be included in the official balloting.  You can read the Unicode 
> proposal:
> Word Structure
> -------------
> Each sign is represented as a separate word which is a string of 
> sequential letters and symbols, replacing the previous methods of comma 
> separated values and SWML.  The new word structure sets SignWriting as a 
> formal language with advantages for searching, sorting, and layout.  The 
> word structure will be explicitly defined and leveraged in the update to 
> my Internet-Draft later this year.
> Formal language definition:
> Previous version of Internet-Draft:
> XML Data Set
> -----------
> The main data backend for SignPuddle has been updated to XML through the 
> use of SignPuddle Markup Language files.  Each SPML file represents an 
> entire dictionary or document collection.  These files are easy to backup, 
> restore, and transfer.  These files can easily be included with any 
> program that can process XML.
> SPML Document Type Definition:
> SignPuddle 1.6 SPML puddle files:
> Sign Text Justification
> ------------------
> Sign Text justification forces the signs of a column to align with both 
> the top and bottom, thereby removing the jagged appearance at the bottom 
> when several columns appear side by side.  The excessive space that 
> previously occurred at the bottom of a column is redistributed between the 
> signs in the column.
> Sign Text justification also forces punctuation to remain at the bottom of 
> a column, rather than allow punctuation to start a new column.  The spaces 
> between the signs in a column are compressed to pull a punctuation to the 
> bottom of a column.
> Scalable Vector Graphics
> ---------------------
> Within ColumnMaker, SVG support has been added.  There are 4 automated 
> vector tracings of the ISWA 2010 available.  A 5th version of manual 
> refinements is a work in progress.  SVG support is planned throughout 
> SignPuddle in the near future.  The user will be able to choose between 
> raster PNG images or SVG.
> SignText Loading...
> -----------------
> SignText has been given a small update that forces the symbols to properly 
> load before the text is displayed.  This removed the need to use the 
> "refresh" button to fix the text when using SignText.
> Thanks for your attention,
> -Steve