Hi Alan,

I haven't looked at the BSW Reference in quite a while.  Thanks for 
linking to it.

Through the latest changes, I haven't gotten around to updating a 
similar reference for the latest developments.  Although this is on the 
short list.  I'll get to it soon.

The closest page in SignPuddle 1.6 is the data format page.

For any sign or sign text, press the copy button and scroll down to the 
"Other Options" section.  The Data Format button will open the above page.

If you pick markup "Full" and symbol "Image", you'll get a detailed XML 
of what the string contains.

To find the ISWA HTML Reference page for a symbol, you'll need to know 
the symbol key.  In the KSW string, all symbol keys start with "S".  The 
first 3 characters, after the S, represent the symbol base.  You can use 
the symbol base in the HTML Reference.

In the above KSW string, the first symbol key is "S14c20".  The base for 
this symbol key is "14c".  You can access the reference page for this 
base through HTML.

Then scroll down to the HTML page.  Of you can access the HTML page 
directly with a longer link:

Hope that helps,