Thank you every time you articulate how it is that I can read these
symbols.  You have this stuff cold and I often feel you go over the
same step repeatedly with me.  Cheerfully each time, I might add!
Thank you for doing that!

The dataformat.php file will work perfectly.  I just tried a trial
lookup for the example below, finding the hand shapes in the ISWA
reference through browsing using the "ID" symbol identification and
the "Expanded" Data Content.  (though it looks like many/all of the
options will work, that's the one that I found easy to read.)

If you want to do something cute, you could href parts of the code
to the relevant parts of ISWA, but it ranks as a cute trick--please
continue to enjoy working on whatever part of SWIS you find
fascinating--your hint here is more than enough for me to have the
shortcut I wanted.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 08:37:53PM -0500, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> I haven't looked at the BSW Reference in quite a while.  Thanks for
> linking to it.
> Through the latest changes, I haven't gotten around to updating a
> similar reference for the latest developments.  Although this is on
> the short list.  I'll get to it soon.
> The closest page in SignPuddle 1.6 is the data format page.
> For any sign or sign text, press the copy button and scroll down to
> the "Other Options" section.  The Data Format button will open the
> above page.
> If you pick markup "Full" and symbol "Image", you'll get a detailed
> XML of what the string contains.
> To find the ISWA HTML Reference page for a symbol, you'll need to
> know the symbol key.  In the KSW string, all symbol keys start with
> "S".  The first 3 characters, after the S, represent the symbol
> base.  You can use the symbol base in the HTML Reference.
> In the above KSW string, the first symbol key is "S14c20".  The base
> for this symbol key is "14c".  You can access the reference page for
> this base through HTML.
> Then scroll down to the HTML page.  Of you can access the HTML page
> directly with a longer link:
> Hope that helps,
> -Steve

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